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At Newton Training Center, we take pride in offering a wide range of professional certifications and accreditations to help individuals like you unlock their full potential and excel in their chosen fields. Our carefully designed programs are aimed at enhancing your knowledge, skills, and career prospects, providing you with a competitive edge in today’s dynamic job market.

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Our institute is staffed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are passionate about their fields. From our instructors to our support staff, we are all dedicated to helping you succeed.


We understand that everyone has different schedules and responsibilities, which is why we offer a range of course options and formats. Whether you prefer to learn online, in-person, full-time or part-time, we have something to suit your needs.


At the end of the day, our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Whether you're looking to acquire new skills, advance in your career, or simply fulfill a personal interest, we're committed to providing you with the resources and support you need to succeed.


Our institute takes pride in providing high-quality education, and we believe that the positive reviews from our students are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff and instructors. Our students have submitted reviews because they have seen the positive impact of their education on their lives and careers.

    Mg Costes


    I highly recommend Newton Training Center located at Electra, Abu Dhabi. The classroom are cozy & tidy, the Admins, office staff & teachers are very friendly and accomodating especially Sir Ali and our teacher Ms. Hafsa. During the training it was really fullfilling and I learned a lot of things which I'm sure I can use on my next work. Thank you and more power

      Therese Umali


      Iam one of the luckiest students of Dr Monica who opted to enroll in your prestigious learning center. At first, I was so lost and I didnt know where I should start on my review but with the help of Dr monica, it seems like everything falls into places. She helps me and my classmates on how to answer questions in listening, reading, writing and specially in speaking.

        Rebecca Pineda


        I am so very thankful for Newton Training Center Al Ain for the opportunity of learning medical course to be a Physical Therapist technician.

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