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IELTS Training

About IELTS:

IELTS, or ‘International English Language Testing System’, is an international standardized test of English language proficiency.

IELTS is confidently recognized by educational institutions, government, professional companies around the globe and more than 10,000 organizations trust IELTS.

Governments in Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Poland, and New Zealand use IELTS to process immigration applications. This test has been developed by some of the experts, to check the full range of English skills needed for getting a job or studying abroad.

Benefits of IELTS Coaching / Review:

  • Get an objective assessment of your English language abilities.
  • Get a certification that is widely recognized.
  • You’ll improve your English language skills
  • Good scores in IELTS will help you in landing a good job or study abroad.
  • To improve a career in UAE, as a teacher, You should have IELTS certification.

Course lessons

This module provides an overview of the IELTS exam, including the test structure and scoring system.

This module focuses on developing listening skills, including note-taking and comprehension strategies.

This module covers reading comprehension skills, including skimming, scanning, and identifying key information.

This module focuses on improving writing skills for the IELTS exam, including task analysis, grammar rules, and complex sentence structures.

This module covers the speaking component of the IELTS exam, including discussion topics, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

This module teaches test-taking strategies, such as time management and how to approach different types of exam questions.

This final module provides opportunities for students to take and practice IELTS exam simulations.

IELTS Course Details

Our IELTS course is designed to help students improve their English language proficiency and prepare for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. The course covers a range of modules, including listening, reading, writing, speaking, test-taking strategies and test practices. Our experienced instructors offer expert guidance and support throughout the course, and the curriculum is designed to prepare students for the IELTS exam.


32 hours

Free materials:

British Council & Cambridge syllabus.


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British council member trainers

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