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Spoken English Course

Course Duration:

The duration of the course is for 40 hours. We also offer fast-track training per the convenience of the student.

Course Description:

Students for whom English is a second language of communication have many challenges when speaking English.

Although they develop good vocabulary and learn to use sentences with minimum grammar mistakes, their pronunciation leaves much to be desired.

However hard they work, the students can correct their pronunciation only with the help of a professional English trainer. Unless this happens, their listeners will not understand them and proper communication will not be happening.

This course gives any student correction and guidance right from the basic diagnosis of individual pronunciation discrepancies to refining one’s conversational and presentation skills. Course Prerequisites: No Prerequisites.

Course Outline:

  • Basic of communication o Introduction to communication o Basic vocabulary and sentence construction.
  • Basic grammar o Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb Tenses, Preposition, Articles, Conjunction, Punctuation.
  • Grammar usage in sentences.
  • English for the real world.
  • Everyday communication – Introduction, shopping, meeting friends, traveling, visiting a doctor, telephonic communication, negotiation, etc.
  • Public speaking.
  • Extempore and group discussion.
  • Email correspondence.
  • Spell check and writing presentation

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