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Certified Nursing Assistant Training

This course introduces basic nursing principles of clinical practice.

Principles include such things as comfort measures, assistance with daily living activities, environmental concerns, positioning and transporting, asepsis and sterile technique, promoting safety, communicating with clients, family and health team, and special care situations for sick people with specific illnesses. 

Concepts related to nursing fundamentals and nursing care is integrated throughout the course.

Course Requirement

  • Instructional / Methods / Activities Assessments.
  • This course consists of a series of activities and assessments to assist you in achieving the outcomes/objectives for the course.
  • Each unit to complete applies various combinations of assignments, activities and readings.
  • Strategies that may be used include: lecture, discussion, demonstration, media resources (YouTube and others), role playing, simulation, team-based learning strategies, audio-visual aids, study and practice groups, case study and practical skills.

Grading Requirement

Practical Skills40 %
Quizzes 15 %
Class participation10%
Total 100%

Training Details:

Course Duration:

  • 72 hours (3 Months)

Our Branches: Al ain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Ras Al Khaimah


  1. Classroom (with medical equipment free + hard copy of 5 modules)
  2. Online (with medical equipment free + hard copy of 5 modules)


  • Class Timing: Ask for timing
  • Online Timing: Ask for timing
  • Exam: Exam will be taken by in house trainer, Certificate will be issued only after passing the exam.

Student Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Define the “Art of Caregiving” working as a team, the value of professionalism and the responsibilities of a nurse assistant.
  2. Apply principles from interpersonal processes, decision-making skills, nurse-client interactions through therapeutic communication.
  3. Demonstrate responsibility for own behavior and growth as an adult learner and a professional.
  4.  Demonstrate professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct.
  5. Assess evidence-based nursing interventions as appropriate for managing the acute and chronic care of patients and promoting health across the life span.
  6. Create a safe care environment that results in high quality patient outcomes. 
  7. Apply ethical standards related to data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and clients’ right to privacy. 
  8.  Demonstrate professionalism, including accountability, attention to appearance, demeanor, respect for self and others, and attention to professional boundaries with patients and families as well as among caregivers. 
  9.  Use caring and healing techniques that promote a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. 
  10. Demonstrate the control of spread of infection by utilizing aseptic and sterile technique.
  11. Apply Special care for clients’ with special needs and disabilities.
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